The Effect Of Education On Community Behavior in The Use Of Traditional Medicine in Manggis Ganting Subdistrict, Bukittinggi

   Oktavianis and Bella Zelfiora



: Traditional Medicine, Knowledge, Attitude, Behavior
Abstract :
Background: Traditional medicine is an ingredient or ingredient in the form of a plant, animal,
mineral, extract preparation (galenic), or a mixture of these materials which have been used for
generations for treatment. In Indonesia, 40% of the population uses traditional medicine, while in
West Sumatra alone 33.95% of the population still uses traditional medicine.
Objective: The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of education on community
behavior in the use of traditional medicine in the Manggis Ganting sub-district, Bukittinggi.
Methods: The research method used is Quasi-Experimental Design with One Group Pre-test and
Post-test design. The population and sample in this study were the entire community of Manggis
Ganting Village which met the inclusion and exclusion criteria of as many as 96 people. The data
collection technique used a questionnaire, which was then analyzed using the Wilcoxon Signed Test